Romantisk RO

Space for togetherness and quality time

2 persons from

DKK 3.178

RO for to

Getaway with a dose of relaxation

2 persons from

DKK 2.698

A Little Extra Relaxation for two

Lidt ekstra RO

Get a little extra tranquility

2 persons from

DKK 3.348

Udsøgt RO

2 days of tranquility with a break from the chaos of everyday life

2 persons from

DKK 5.816

Spa stay at Fjordgaarden

Spa stay at Fjordgaarden

Fjordgaarden offers a well-deserved dose of tranquility amidst the chaos of everyday life. Surrounded and inspired by the nature of western Jutland, with its water and wind, we offer one of Denmark's widest ranges of spa experiences and a delightful culinary journey in our atmospheric restaurant. This is how we create both the framework and the content for your quiet break.

Fjordgaarden is tranquility. For you. And for those you take a break with. Many of us (actually, most of us) generally miss tranquility in our daily lives. Specifically, we crave a physical and mental break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and time to nurture neglected relationships. And here, Fjordgaarden is the answer.

And even though the answer is simple, the variations are many – because tranquility comes in many forms: A walk in the fresh western Jutland wind, hours of pampering in the spa, a much-needed massage, a long nap in warm duvets, a well-prepared meal served to you, immersion in a good book, time for long conversations and new experiences, time to do nothing at all.

Fjordgaarden offers all of this. Fjordgaarden offers tranquility in dedicated forms and various shades.

Fjordgaarden's wellness treatments

Our spa staff offers a wide range of treatments. We have several types of relaxing body massages, and most are offered as couples massages. Our skilled cosmetologists provide professional treatments of the highest quality. Whether you want a relaxing facial, a waxing treatment, eyebrow tinting, or Shellac, the treatment is tailored to your individual needs. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure that you achieve optimal results and feel renewed.

Or try one of our various sensory baths in the spa suite. In warm baths, you can enjoy aromatic scents and oils while we serve a delicious snack platter with drinks and snacks. Have a special moment for two in the spa suite. Remember to book well in advance to get the time slots that suit you best.