A hotel in progress

Hotel Fjordgaarden has always been in development, and today, the hotel actually accommodates four times as much as it did at its inauguration in 1967. Back then, 25 new rooms were ready to receive our guests, and today, we have space for 98 rooms.

Fjordgaarden is awarded the Tourism Award 2024 by Destination Vesterhavet.

In early 2023, Fjordgaarden expands its spa offerings with professional cosmetologist treatments for the benefit of the city's locals and the spa hotel's guests. Throughout the year, the hotel's large party and conference rooms are renovated in the same Nordic style as the rooms.

In 2022, Fjordgaarden was honored to be named Denmark's Best Spa at the Danish Beauty Awards.

All rooms are renovated, and new rooms are added to Fjordgaarden. At the same time, the restaurant also undergoes major renovation, welcoming the West Jutland nature inside.

In 2021, Fjordgaarden received its Green Key certification, the most widespread environmental certification in the hotel industry. At the same time, we began to produce annual climate accounts to work systematically with our CO2 emissions from year to year.

A new era begins for the otherwise classic conference hotel when Spa Fjordgaarden opens its doors in 2020.

The hotel gets a new dining place, Brasseriet, which opens its doors in the fall of 2015. The decor gives the restaurant a cozy atmosphere for good conversations.

In 2007, the Stubkjær family from Grindsted took over the hotel. In addition to hotel operations, the family works with renewable energy - wind turbines and solar panels. With our own energy production of 25 million kilowatt-hours per year, we produce more than 25 times as much electricity as we use - thus supporting sustainable development in society.

During the worst storm since the hurricane in 1999, the entire basement in the '66 wing is flooded - all party rooms, as well as the water park. The renovation thereafter took several months, resulting in beautifully upgraded premises.

In 2004, a comprehensive renovation and extension to the administration and bar area are carried out.

In 1995, another major plan is launched, which until 2005 will add another large banquet hall, Vonå 1 + 2, 6 rooms in the courtyard, as well as a comprehensive renovation of the kitchen areas and room wings.

Another HKKF project is completed in late 1992 when the hotel's new mini water park is inaugurated.

In September 1988, the first part of HKKF's major expansion and renovation is put into use. The '120s and '140s wings to the northeast are opened with 30 new rooms.

After the change of ownership in 1986, HKKF begins a major expansion and ongoing renovation of the hotel, which meant a new covered entrance area, 30 new rooms, renovation of banquet halls, a mini water park, and a new reception area.

In 1975, the construction of two new room wings is completed: the '50s corridor and the '66 corridor with accompanying banquet halls down towards Vonåen.

Ringkøbing's new hotel opened with 25 rooms, restaurant, bar, and two connected banquet halls with space for a total of 400 festive guests.

The hotel was designed by the young local architect Bay Jørgensen, who as a very young architect was offered the task if he wanted to start as an independent - he did, and today, the company BAY ARCH is a leading international player in hotel architecture. Out of respect for the original architectural style, Bay Jørgensen has drawn the lines every time the hotel has had to expand (and it has happened quite a few times) - most recently with our new Spa in 2020.


Back in the mid-1960s, some ambitious men sat in a boat on Ringkøbing Fjord with their fishing rods in the water, contemplating Ringkøbing, and agreed that the town lacked a modern hotel, and in 1967, Fjordgaarden opened as the town's leading hotel - a status the hotel has had ever since.