Half-day meeting with focus and refreshments

Are you planning a half-day meeting where you can focus on content and have peace of mind for constructive dialogues? Fjordgaarden offers meeting rooms and catering that fit perfectly. Our kitchen holds the Bronze Organic Food Label and serves excellent culinary experiences composed of seasonal ingredients. Depending on whether you prefer to meet early in the day or later, we tailor the catering to your meeting schedule. We take care of all the practical aspects so you can concentrate on the day's content and hosting duties.

We accommodate allergies, so please inform us of any specific needs.

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Practical information

Ensuring that technology works smoothly is essential for a conference. We have all the modern equipment you need for your meetings or conferences. Our staff and technicians are ready to assist you in getting the technology up and running.

If you have any special technical needs or requests, please don't hesitate to ask us about the possibilities.

Our rooms overlook Vonå and the garden. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs. There is a ramp to the lower floor. Additionally, there are two accessible toilets, one on each floor.

Terraces are accessible from our rooms.

There are two handicap parking spaces at the main entrance.

At Fjordgaarden, we offer a variety of rooms to choose from, each varying in size and layout. We have banquet halls, meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and our large conference hall Vonå, which can accommodate up to 300 people - all designed to create the perfect setting for your business event.