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Spa retreat at Fjordgaarden

A spa retreat at Fjordgaarden is a well-deserved dose of tranquility amidst the chaos of everyday life. Surrounded and inspired by the natural beauty of western Jutland, with its water and wind, we offer one of Denmark's widest ranges of spa experiences and a culinary journey to delight your senses.

This is how we create both the framework and the content for your peaceful escape.

Fjordgaarden is tranquility. For you. And for those you take a break with.

Many of us (actually, most of us) generally miss tranquility in our daily lives. Specifically, we crave a physical and mental break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and time to nurture neglected relationships. And Fjordgaarden is the answer.

But even though the answer is simple, the variations are many – because tranquility comes in many forms: A walk in the fresh western Jutland wind, hours of pampering in the spa, a much-needed massage, a long nap in warm duvets, a well-prepared meal served to you, immersion in a good book, time for long conversations and new experiences, time to do nothing at all.

Fjordgaarden offers all of this. Fjordgaarden offers tranquility in dedicated forms and various shades.