Delightful breakfast and spa time

price from

DKK 625


Lunch plate and an afternoon at the spa

price from

DKK 635


Dinner and a relaxing evening at the spa

price from

DKK 840


Welcome to a full day at the spa

price from

DKK 615



Unwind with a burger and spa time

prices from

DKK 635



Enjoy organic Caesar salad and spa time

prices from

DKK 635


SaunaGus every weekend and every other Tuesday

price from

DKK 55 + kurbadsadgang


"Sound meditation" on selected Thursdays

price from

DKK 210


Spa and dinner plate

price from

DKK 730

Clip Card

Sunday - Friday

Five clip for spa

DKK 2.460

Spa Day

Treating oneself to tranquility, enjoyment, and a break from the everyday hustle and bustle doesn't have to be extravagant.

Because self-indulgence and luxury fortunately come in many sizes, and at Fjordgaarden, we believe that even the small pleasures together make great happiness. The most important thing is that they happen.

With us, you can simply pull a few hours, half a day, or a full day out of your calendar and recharge with a well-deserved dose of tranquility in our spa.

We have put together various combinations of day spa*. All that's left is to find your personal favorite.

Book your favorite and get going. Tranquility awaits you out west.

*The age limit in the spa is 16 years.

A little extra luxury?

Enjoying your hotel stay in West Jutland, you can add extra relaxation to your experience. In our spa area, we offer several different sensory baths in the spa suite. In warm and sensory baths, you can enjoy aromatic scents and togetherness while we serve a delicious snack board with drinks and snacks. Our cosmetologists are also ready to perform professional treatments, and we offer body massages for those in need of complete relaxation and well-being. Remember to book well in advance to secure the time slots that suit you best.