Conferences at Fjordgaarden

Create the ultimate conference experience in beautiful West Jutland. Our conference coordinator is ready to tailor the perfect program for your focused day.

Fjordgaarden offers various meeting and conference packages, making it easy and straightforward for you to book according to your needs. We've thought of all the important elements - whether you're organizing a conference or a meeting in West Jutland. If you're considering conference stays with overnight accommodation, the hotel has 98 lovely rooms available, ensuring you get the full benefit of your participants' valuable time.

When days are filled with important information, focus, and concentration, meals are a welcome break to provide energy for the mind and thoughts. Fjordgaarden's kitchen serves great dining experiences, and we arrange catering for your meeting sessions.

We strive to combine high-quality products with sustainable care and good taste. Let us take care of all the practicalities so you can focus on hosting.

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Practical information

Ensuring that technology works smoothly is essential for a conference. We have all the modern equipment you need for your meetings or conferences. Our staff and technicians are ready to assist you in getting the technology up and running.

If you have any special technical needs or requests, please don't hesitate to ask us about the possibilities.

Our rooms overlook Vonå and the garden. The rooms are spacious enough to accommodate wheelchairs. There is a ramp to the lower floor. Additionally, there are two accessible toilets, one on each floor.

Terraces are accessible from our rooms.

There are two handicap parking spaces at the main entrance.

At Fjordgaarden, we offer a variety of rooms to choose from, each varying in size and layout. We have banquet halls, meeting rooms, breakout rooms, and our large conference hall Vonå, which can accommodate up to 300 people - all designed to create the perfect setting for your business event.


Half-day meeting

Half a day with the right setting for involvement

Day meeting

A full day to immerse and focus

Conference Overnight Stay

A day with focused time, good food and overnight accommodation.

The right setting creates focus

It's all about finding the perfect room size when hosting a meeting, training session, or conference. If the room is too large, it creates an impersonal atmosphere. If it's too small, space feels cramped.

At Fjordgaarden, we have several different rooms to choose from, all varying in size and layout. We offer banquet halls, meeting rooms, group rooms, and our large conference room Vonå, which accommodates up to 300 people - all to create the perfect setting for your business event.

West Coast nature for a focused meeting day

If you're organizing a meeting or conference day for your company, we recommend a place with a vast sky and views of the wild West Jutland Nature. At Fjordgaarden, you can step outside for a break under the sky or take a stroll down to Vonå and enjoy a breath of fresh air from the fjord. You can also arrange for a longer walk'n talk along the Fjord Trail, getting fresh air for both body and mind. With lungs full of fresh West Jutland air, you can return to your meeting day with renewed energy and a clear mind for the next item on the agenda. We're happy to help plan good routes and provide coffee-to-go.