MorgenRO: søn-tor


Energitillæg: 30,00 kr.

Snup en rolig morning hour in the spa, the starter in the restaurant. 

Nyd first and udvalg fra vores berømte morning buffet and et glass bobler til at fejre dagen, the venter dig. This is also the case with the RO, the bad bath and the swimming pool, which can be accessed from the spa facilities: saunas, pools and sanitary facilities.  

MorgenRO indeholder: 

  • Morgenmad serveres mellem kl. 07:00 and 10:00 **
  • Hereafter you go to the health resort on Sunday - Torsdag kl. 09:00-15:00


*Energitillæg he dkk 30,- per person dagkurbadspakke. Afregnes ved betaling.

**Restaurant and food are nice and small. 10.00

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